Recommending ZBC General Contracting
Betsy W, Philadelphia, PA
1 year(s) ago
Owner Joseph Zajko is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of home improvement. Joseph exudes a level of knowledge and expertise that inspires trust. His employees are skilled and show a respect for my property. When they leave a job, there is no evidence that they have been working all day at my home. I am very pleased with all the work ZBC General Contracting has performed for me and am happy to recommend this business.

Great Real Estate Agent
Anthony Critelli, East Falls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
730 day(s) ago
ZBC General Contracting and his crew are a pleasure to work with. They have helped me clean the mess the old tenants left. They found new tenants who I am happy with and have helped me make several improvements to my Rental Property in East Falls. ZBC has 35 years of Real Estate experience. I am recommending using them.

Sergio Alfonsi, Philadelphia, PA
2 year(s) ago

Joe is an honest businessman. He takes care of details and he is always willing to help all his customers. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality job at a fair price.

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